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Moody Clip On Halo Light

Moody Clip On Halo Light

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Perfect lighting at any hour! This halo light takes ring lights to the next level featuring a sturdy clamp to attach to your desk or table and multiple light settings to set the mood. This bright light is great for elevating your videos during Zoom meetings, when you’re recording that new haul or GRWM vlog, or simply adding some brightness into a dark space. No battery needed - plug the Moody Clip On Halo Light right into your USB port in your laptop or a power source!


  • Ring light with rainbow color settings
  • Sturdy clamp to secure ring light to table, desk, or other stable surface
  • 360º light rotation 
  • USB power cord with power and light setting remote (wall adapter not included)

How To Use

  1. Remove from packaging
  2. Secure ring light on clamp by screwing into the base
  3. Use the clamp to secure the light onto a stable surface - we suggest your desk or a table
  4. Using the remote on the power cord to adjust the light color and brightness
  5. Please note the ring light does not have a battery and need to be plugged in to work


  • Dimensions: 6” diameter
  • Watts/Voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
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