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Capture Selfie Stick Tripod

Capture Selfie Stick Tripod

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Elevate your vacation pics with this selfie stick that doubles as a tripod! Our new selfie stick can hold various sized devices, has a Bluetooth remote for wireless capturing, and has a light on the top to help illuminate your shot. Done taking selfies and need group pics from the house party? We’ve got you - unfold the legs at the end to convert it into a tripod.


  • 120º rotation of device holder
  • Can used portrait or landscape
  • Stainless steel pole body
  • Illuminating light on device holder to enhance pictures
  • Adjustable device holder to fit various phone sizes
  • Includes Bluetooth remote for wireless capturing (requires CR 1632 battery; not included)
  • Includes 
  • Fold out the legs on the bottom of the selfie stick to use as tripod 

How To Use

  1. Remove from packaging
  2. Secure your device into the device holder at the top of the selfie stick - flip out the clamps and insert your phone!
  3. Using Your Remote
    After inserting the battery, press and hold down the remote button until the LED light flashes. To turn off, press and hold the button until the LED light flashes 3 times and powers down.
  4. iOS - pair Bluetooth:
    a. On your device, go to your Bluetooth settings
    b. Select “SeflieCom”
    c. After successfully paired, the LED light still stop blinking
    d. Remote will automatically disconnect if not used within 5 minutes
    Android - pair Bluetooth:
    a. Set your volume Key function as capture in the camera app setting.
  5. To use the light:
    a. Press and hold down side button for 3 seconds to turn light on
    b. While on, press the side button to switch light settings (bright or brighter)
    c. Press and hold down side button for 3 second to turn light off


  • Dimensions: 7.64” (when fully collapsed), 2ft 7in (when fully extended)
  • Device holder: adjustable from 2.9” to 4”
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