Sonix x Alfred Coffee & Tea

Sonix x Alfred Coffee & Tea

We just partnered with the coolest coffee
shop on the block (you're welcome). 

Known for it's quality coffee and teas, Alfred has turned the need for caffeine into a lifestyle. From the interior design - decorated with cheeky sayings on neon signs and a plethora of statement walls and cute greenery, Alfred Coffee and Tea has made it's mark on locals and celebrities, alike. If you find yourself in any major area in the city of Los Angeles, Alfred will most likely be on the block and you may even run into our favorite duo, Kendall  & Gigi. 

Clearly, we can't live without our morning caffeine fix, therefore we've created two exclusive case designs to keep you energized all day. Meet our cases 'But First, Coffee' and 'Tea, Yes. You, Maybe.' Whether a tea drinker or coffee enthusiast, we've got you covered (pun intended). 

The new cases can be purchased HERE or at Alfred Coffee and Tea (see address below).

Alfred Melrose Place 
8428 Melrose Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069

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